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Meet Iona

Bishop Edward Risi of the Roman Catholic Church in Keimoes saw Iona's efforts to help her local community when he was invited to open a youth week in Kenhardt that Iona planned. Bishop Risi advised Iona to start a Non-Profit Organisation that would allow her to become registered & regulated, enabling her to further assist the communities around her. This is how Annie’s Social and Health Care was born. It was named after Iona's late mother, in honour of her memory.

Our main purpose is to bring about positive social change in putting a smile onto the faces of cancer & chronic illness patients, as well as those who are most vulnerable within our communities. We strive to do this by providing nappies, porridge, milk, gift bags and much more essential goods to these groups. Even one smile is incredibly important to us, especially with all the reasons life can give us to frown.

Our Missions

Education, Skills Development and Training

Studies have found that good nutrition enhances cognitive function, promotes good social behaviour and is linked to brain development and intelligence.

Helping children, the elderly and the chornically ill.

The groceries we provide help cancer patients, as well as children and the elderly to be full for longer. It also provides those with compromised immune systems the strength they need to keep fighting.

Public Health Services

We ensure that those who cannot afford or do not have access to professional medical services be assisted by our Public Health Interventions.

Counselling Services & Youth Weeks

We host youth weeks and counselling services to give children the oppurtunity to re-integrate with their families, as well as encourage them to get back to school. So far, we have seen positive results through our interventions.

Our Main Focus Area

  • Chronic illness and cancer patients.
  • The elderly, retired & disabled.
  • Hungry and/or homeless children.
  • Youth weeks & career path choices.

We always strive to make a difference and bring about positive, sustainable change and effective interventions in the communities that we serve.

Our Past Intervertions

Our Partners & Sponsors